Emchap's Shit from the Internet 07/20/22 🍠

This week’s newsletter is pretty short, as I have spent the last two days constantly drinking and eating (and occasionally doing Business Tasks) with my various out-of-town coworkers come by for a visit, including one brave soul in from Australia. Someone revealed to me recently that I was the first person they’d met from the internet, and though I of course get how that happens, it was just so alien to my experience. Even if I hadn’t been meeting forum friends since I was 12 and even if I hadn’t been on dating apps since college, I’ve worked remotely for most of the last 10 years, and functionally all of my professional relationships started as internet friends. It’s nice to be able to see folks and to learn which ones are taller than you’d imagine and to get stuck taking home bottles of wine when the group doesn’t meet the spend minimum. (It is less nice to worry about it turning into a superspreader event, but that’s 2022, I suppose.)

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