Emchap's Shit from the Internet 06/9/21 🍠

I have spent the few days getting up at 6:30 rather than 7:15 so that I can exercise (or just kill time on the off-days) before work, after having a very stupid realization that the time of year that it’s too hot to exercise after work is also the time of year that it gets light early enough for me to not hate getting up early. It turns out the key to not avoiding doing my Peloton + Duolingo + books goals is, in fact, just doing them before work zaps my will to focus.

I have never particularly enjoyed getting up early, which is annoying as a person whose best working hours are actually basically 9-11am, rather than in the evenings. (Ideally, I would sleep for 16 hours a day.) When I was in college, a professor who was leading an 8:30 class for which I was a TA used to make fun of me about it, since I always looked miserable when I showed up to class, which was held literally 50 feet from where I slept.

But it’s been surprising to me to open up this block of time in the morning in exchange for going to bed a little earlier; sleeping at 10 rather than 11 doesn’t much matter to me, since I stopped doing anything interesting with the last hour of my night approximately two weeks into the Panera. It’s been nice to have the space to drink my coffee and read my Richard Pryor biography before I have to care about whatever’s going on at work for the day. And, if nothing else, it’s useful to give me space to steel myself before I have to apply acne medication to my cat’s chin, which is an interaction neither of us really enjoy.

Shit to read

Shit to eat

  1. Pull out and cube a stick of butter, and toss it into a mixing bowl.

  2. Same with 120g of brown sugar and 100g of the regular sort.

  3. Cream them, for longer than you think you ought to, as Claire Saffitz has taught you.

  4. Toss in an egg, half a tablespoon of vanilla, and a half teaspoon of baking soda. Mix.

  5. Mix 175g of flour and half a teaspoon of coarse kosher salt (Morton, so double if it’s Diamond) in a bowl, and toss it in. Mix.

  6. Add in 200g of chocolate chips you meant to turn into cookies a month ago and have instead been eating for a snack. Add several handfuls of shredded coconut, and half a container of smashed toasted almonds. Mix.

  7. Roll into 20 balls on a cookie sheet, and freeze. Toss into a bag, and when needed, pull one out and cook at 300 for 25 minutes. Or just eat it.

(Adapted from Our Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies at Smitten Kitchen)

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